The program has helped us to keep a lot of our claims minor instead of them progressing to standard claims which effect premium. By making proactive referrals to Jointcare before someone goes off work, we have also been able to prevent claims.

Injury Manager, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne

This project created a positive and supportive workplace culture in the hospital to assist with the reduction of injury claims and achieve more timely, effective and sustainable return to work outcomes. The initiative increased the opportunities for injured workers to successfully return to work, and generated collaborative return to work solutions involving employers and workers that could be expanded or more widely applied.

Victorian WorkSafe Authority

Through the support of my Jointcare Physiologist I have been able to manage my injury more effectively and have returned to work. I have regained my fitness and feel confident in my ability to continue to manage my condition without ongoing support or treatment.

O.H & S Trainer: National Workers Union

The program has become a vital part of our return to work strategy. On average a comprehensive functional restoration program teamed with an effective return work strategy will cost $1500 per employee. Over a period of two years, for 15 employees this intervention cost approximately $22,500 compared to in excess of $500,000 in claims costs that 15 standard claims cost the organisation.

Injury Manager, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

We have found that lost time injuries have fallen away. We are not backfilling agency staff and casuals which really reduces our costs. There is a lot of money to be saved.

Head Environmental Services St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

It is a hard sell to some people but they do come to see the benefits. It must be structured into the day’s events or people will get too busy and forget. I enjoy it, learned from it and recommend it. A very positive program.

Superintendent, Victoria Police

Jointcare’s work health program has had a very positive impact on our employees. Their ability to motivate even the most sedentary of our staff has been fantastic.

Injury Manager, DSTO, Dept. Defence

Jointcare has been an integral member of St. Vincent’s Hospitals’ Work Health Management team for eight years. They have worked with us to develop a fully integrated health management framework that has considerably reduced our injuries and premium and helped build a positive work health culture.

St. Vincent’s Private Hospitals Melbourne

The program delivered by Jointcare for Victoria Police has been a great success on many levels. It has provided staff with tools they can utilise throughout the day and reinforces to them the value of looking after themselves, each other and their work health.

Detective Sergeant, Victoria Police

You can do the math’s on the back of a postage stamp. By saving a million dollars a year over six years we have been able to invest in the core function of the business which has made a big difference to the performance of the hospital. The result of the program has been quite profound. We have created a consciousness in our workforce and managers that health and safety is extremely important.

CEO ST. Vincent’s Private Hospital