The best thing about the program it is it’s proven to be fun. We get together for six minutes and spend some time together, have a laugh and stretch. The aim is to give us more fitness for what we are doing at work and for life.

Nurse Unit Manager, Cardiology Unit, St.Vincent’s Private Hospital

Everybody got involved and it’s turned out to be a lot of fun. The ladies in the kitchen area find the hand exercises really helpful and we all feel better after we have done the program.

Kitchen Manager, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

I feel less stressed at the end of a work shift when I have spent time participating in the group sessions.

Senior Detective, Phoenix Task Force, Victoria Police

The sessions were very, very constructive and easy to follow.  It has got me into the habit of doing stretches every day which has greatly improved my working capacity.

Detective Phoenix Task Force, Victoria Police

Workplace injury claims reduced by 40%
The number of standard claims reduced by 43%
Injury duration rates reduced by 68%
Claims costs reduced by 56%
Premium reduced by 30% over two years and 42% over five years

Gallagher Bassett Workers Compensation Insurer for St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

At Victoria Police 80% of the available task force participated daily in the group sessions and 100% of participants said they enjoy the program and 93% report the program made a significant (>70%) difference to their pain. 92% felt less stressed at the end of a work shift with 68% reporting a significant (>70%) reduction in their stress.

Human Resources Manager, Victoria Police

Simple six minute exercise sessions make a huge difference to our energy levels.

Director of Nursing NETS, Royal Children’s Hospital

Injuries can be something you get over a long period of time. It is important to take time out. When we stretch together as a team it’s a great opportunity to see how people are going and who might need some support to prevent an injury occurring.

Nurse Unit Manager Orthopaedic Unit, St.Vincent’s Private Hospital

The feedback is constant every day. Everyone is complaining less about pain. It brings the team together, it creates camaraderie and it’s a lot of fun.

Operating theatre manager, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

The workers love the program. Our 1400 workers have completed 100,000 minutes of group exercise in eighteen months. It has taught them how to look after themselves and each other. The new “6 min recharge” program can be undertaken anywhere, anytime and allows our staff the time to take a short break, feel better and have some fun.

Injury Manager, St.Vincent’s Private Hospital