A fun, informative, employer sponsored energy break. Each recharge session runs for just 6 minutes and introduces a range of education, relaxation, movement, balance, posture and core stability activities that change each day of the week. It brings people together.


Who can do recharge?

Individual workers, teams or large groups of workers can participate in the program at anytime, anywhere. At a desk, in a tea room, in a hallway, on a construction site, in an operating theatre, a lab, an office or a call centre.


How can we get involved?

Delivered as an on-line program via television, computer or iPad the program brings people together to focus on their own health and prepares them for the tasks to be performed. Contact Jointcare to arrange to trial the recharge program at your workplace.


How does it work?

The program brings workers together to have some fun and learn how to alleviate stress and tension and to gradually increase strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility.