Our injury prevention program can be integrated into the existing health management infrastructure of public and private organisations from every sector. Simple, cost effective and easy to implement.

In just a few weeks we can build the capacity of your leadership team to deliver and sustain significant improvements in the costs associated with workplace injuries.



Managers and workers collaborate to develop sustainable site specific solutions to 1) identify colleagues at risk of injury and 2) to implement pre-emptive strategies to prevent workplace injuries.



Injured workers, treaters, colleagues and managers work as a team to achieve a safe and early return to work.

The leadership team at St.Vincent’s Private Hospital partnered with Jointcare to achieve a 68% reduction in time to return to work and a 56% reduction in the cost of injuries. Lost time injury days dropped from 1600 to 200 in just two years (Gallagher Bassett, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Workers Compensation Insurer).



By creating a positive and supportive workplace culture employers can significantly improve the health management practices of workers. Results include a 40% reduction in compensation claims and a 43% reduction in workers compensation premium, enabling employers to invest in capital infrastructure and improve profitability.